Heidi Leech is an enthusiastic and award-winning user interface designer and front-end developer based in Washington, DC (but originally from Colorado), with excellent organizational, communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills. She earned her MFA in graphic design in 1997 and has been working in web design ever since then.

Her ultimate design goal with each project is to make things beautiful, simple and professional.

She has an eye for detail down to the pixel but can also see the big picture. She has worn many hats in her years of experience, from web designer and HTML/CSS coder (main tools: Photoshop and Dreamweaver) to site planning and organization, IA/UX, art direction and project management.

Whether working alone or with a team, Heidi has a positive attitude that keeps her highly motivated and committed to project and organizational success.

Find samples of Heidi’s work in her portfolio. Find out more about her work history, education, awards and other things, on her résumé (PDF) or LinkedIn profile.

In her free time, she plays tennis, posts things to Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, attempts to make origami out of whatever is nearby, watches Doctor Who and Mad Men on TV, and dabbles in crafts and art.